0006. Occurrence – Two black shadows walked into my bedroom.


6. Occurrence given to Raymond on 6 August 1990 at about 3:00 AM. (from memory and tape journal.)



I had an unusual occurrence this morning, and it has me bothered. A friend called me and we talked on the phone until 2:00 AM., but after I had hung up and had gone to sleep, something woke me up. I don’t know what it was. I cannot explain it, but I felt and sensed something coming up the steps towards my bedroom and that was what woke me.

It’s one of those sensations you have, when you know someone is in your house, but you can’t see or hear anything, but you know someone is there. I didn’t see it come up the steps, for my bedroom door was closed and locked, but as I looked toward my locked bedroom door, I saw these two black shadows walk through the locked door.

One was in the shape of a man and the other was the shape of a small animal. I just laid there, and I watched these two dark black shadows move toward the foot of my bed. What was so unusual, was that they were dark black shadows, not people, and my room was dark, but I still could see them. I cannot explain how I could see dark black shadows in a dark room, but I could.

Then as the man shadow figure stood there and watched, this small shadow crawled under my covers and wrapped itself around my feet, then it proceeded to crawl and slither under the blankets toward my face next to my body. At first I thought it was my son Steven at the foot of the bed for he sometimes comes in to get some clothes or towels.

But as I laid there watching my blankets move up and down and move toward my face, I thought it was Leroy our dog, and since I didn’t want any fleas in my bed, I said in a mean voice, “Leroy how did you get up here?”, as it was slithering up toward my head. I said it again, “How did you get up here?” I reached over to touch him, but there wasn’t anything there, the blankets just collapsed into nothing.

I didn’t know what to do. So I reached over and grabbed my Bible which was next to my bed and placed it over the spot where this thing disappeared under my blankets. But the shadow that was in the shape of a man just stood at the foot of the bed watching, and then disappeared when the small shadow left. Maybe I was stupid, or in total shock, for after I placed the Bible on top of my bed, I went back to sleep. I cannot explain it, but I felt safe after I had laid the Bible on top of this empty spot. That’s all.

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