0155. Prophecy – Man has put God in a Box. The lady with the scalp of gold.


155. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 July 1992 at 7:31 AM. in Spanish.

Scalp. Scalp. Scalp. My son, scalp, scalp. The day is coming that I told you. Look at the scalp. The scalp has arrived. Your Lady with the scalp of gold has arrived. You have to hear Me! For the hour is here. With the hair of gold, there She is! There She is! There She is! Lift your hands and pray and pray for the day is here.

The Lady with the hair of gold has a hunger. Has a hunger. The Lady with the hair of gold. The belt hit her. The belt hit her. Yes, Reymundo, the belt hit her. It has hit her with the bullet of hunger. Did you hear Me? Did you hear Me, Reymundo? Did you hear Me?

Lift your hands and pray. Pray and I will show you the things that are going to happen. This is your Father. The Father of Heaven, of the World all that is and of all that’s going to be. Yes! The day has arrived. Like it’s going to happen, the things of the heart, of the mind. Lift your hands and pray and I will show you, with pictures in your mind, the truth of the days that are coming.

The Mass of God, you have to eat everyday. Did you hear Me, Reymundo? You have to eat the Mass, for here comes the earthquake. You will save yourself if you eat the Mass. Don’t worry of your house, of your things, if you eat the Mass with the heart of God. Did you hear Me? Did you open your ears and your eyes? This is your God. The God of the World, of the Stars, of Heaven. I am telling you with the Love of My Heart, the Day has arrived that I told you before.

Don’t worry about money. Don’t worry! For everything is in My Hands, the Hands of your God with My Son Jesus, the Holy Spirit. We are just beginning with Tears for the World. For everything is going to change. With the Tears of My Heart, I tell you these things that are going to happen. For many are blind and deaf of the truth.

They have Me in a box and they believe that I only do what they believe is in this box. They are going to be frightened. FOR I CAN DO WHAT I WANT. I do not need man to put Me in a box. For no one can put Me in a box.

What a shame! What a shame that they have such little minds; the mind of a bean; SMALL like a bean; they have the mind of man.

What a shame! What a shame! For the devil is going to eat them. For the devil has a hunger for them, but I showed them, and I told them, and I told them until the day they got mad, and they still ran after the devil. That’s why they are going to live with him all the days that there are days. For the devil is their god. I tell you with Tears in My Eyes, but what’s going to be is going to be.

Drink the Mass. Drink the Mass. Eat the Mass. Eat the Mass. For it is here. “The Day.” This is your God of all, with My Son and the Holy Spirit. Look to the sky. Look to the sky for it’s going to change. It’s going to change the sky with the clouds. It’s going to change. Look at the sky!

The War is going well. For My Son with the Angels are fighting very hard. They are fighting day and night, day and night, day and night, but the devil hasn’t a chance for I am the God of everything, of the World, of Heaven. He can’t hide for I know where he is. There is no place he can go and he knows the day of the devil has arrived too. The pit is ready for him, his angels, the saints that chose him. The pit is very large.

My Son has the Law and He is doing everything that the Law says, but that’s the way it has to happen until the last day, the day that He cleans everything that is bad. For He does what I tell him. For He loves Me with the Love of the World; of the Stars; of Heaven; and I Love him the same. For the Two of Us are One in everything, with the Holy Spirit.

Did you hear Me, Reymundo? Are you writing what I am telling you, for everything is the Truth. I am going to show you miracles that you never believed I could do. For I chose you, of all the millions of people that are. So you could write My Word, but that’s another story. That’s another story, but eat and drink the Mass of your God Jesus, your King of Kings. For the day has arrived. With Tears, I tell you the things that are going to happen to this World. I am, I am, I am, I am, the First and the Last. I made everything, the Heaven, the World, the Stars. This is your God with My Son and the Holy Spirit.

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