0216. Prophecy – Tell the Body to go into the Streets with the Communion.


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The 216 sound clip was edited (condensed) to about 17:52 minutes from my original micro cassette recording tape. There is some background noise on this file. It is in Spanish. Read the text as you listen to sound clip.

216. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 September 1992 at 9:30 AM. in Spanish.

Look My son, the things that are going to be, are going to be, and you are going to learn the manner of God. You’re going to learn the manner of God. Yes! The manner of God is sometimes hard to understand. But look, if you place your ear to the ground, if you place your eyes on Heaven and you hear the Word of God your Spirit will grow. For everything that is from God is Good, Clean, and Straight.

I am going to give you the wife of your heart. I am going to give you something Clean. I am going to give you something Straight, something in the manner of God. I know who it is. I know, I have heard your prayers, your tears, because you don’t know who it is. For the devil wants to mix up your head in the manner of the devil, but he can’t do a thing.

For everything of your life is in My Hands. The Hands of God, the Hands of Christ, your King, the Hands of the Holy Spirit, and I am going to show you the things of God, but don’t get scared, because you don’t understand the ways of God. For you’re going to walk with your God in the manner of the Spirit, but I will protect you with My Hand, with My Word, with the Force of the Holy Spirit, with the Love of My Son Jesus, with the Love of your God.

I will tell you the things of the Spirit that has a hunger to know Me, with the Love, with the Love of all that is, with all of the Love that’s going to be. Hear Me! Open your ears and pray and repent of your sins and look for your God with your heart. And you will find that Peace, the Peace of your God. Write everything that I tell you in the manner that I tell you, and everything will go well. It gives Me Joy, with your determination that you have, with the determination of your heart, with the determination of your tears, with the determination of your friends that help you, with money, with their minds, with their hands. You have friends of God that look for God and I, the God of the World, of Heaven, of all that there is, I will help you and your friends. For they are looking for Me. They are afraid, but they have the heart of God.

I know they have fear, but they still gather with the love of God and they pray with the love of God. They look for Me, with fear, with respect. I, the God of the World, of Heaven, of all, I will help them. For I hear the tears of your Male and Female friends. For they have the heart. They have the spirit. They have the mind. They have the hunger to look for God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father. The One which made everything with the Word that made everything.

I want you to rest. I know that you are tired for all the hours you have worked. I am going to show you things in all the dreams you are going to have. The dream of the Communion that you had the other day, yesterday, was from God. I want you to tell the family of the Spirit of the Church of My Son Jesus, your King of Kings, your Christ, to go to the streets; To the Ones which have nothing and give them the Communion.

Give them the Communion where they work, where they look for the train, where they look for the buses, there in the streets, in front of the Churches, give them Communion everyday to everyone. For My Son Jesus is going to come and He is going to pick up everyone that Loves Him, that Love Me, your Father, and the Holy Spirit. The Ones which eat the Communion with the Heart of God, but there are many that don’t even know what it is, the Communion. What is the Word of God?

I want everyone of the Body of My Son Christ Jesus to eat the Communion. Tell them to go into the streets to take the Bread, the Body, and the Juice, the Blood of My Son, and in that way you will save them and you will save yourself. Because you did what My Son said years and years ago to your fathers.

For the Body of My Son, the Ones which are running the Church are not doing what My Son told them. They are looking for the Money. They are looking for everything, with their chest sticking out, with the mind of the devil using the name of My Son, and that’s a sin.

I will straighten it out the day they meet My Son in Heaven. I will correct them. I am telling you with tears in My Eyes and in My Heart. For they have a hard heart and they think more of things, of money, of the chest, of the devil, than My Son Jesus, your Christ, and in seriousness I am telling you with tears.

For it hurts My Heart because I know that they are going to read the Words you are writing this minute. They’re going to get Mad. They’re going to want to kill you. For they have the devil and all of the devil doesn’t want what is straight, what is good. The bad Ones, the Ones which have the bad spirits, they are going to want to eat you. For they are not going to like the Word of your God, Jesus, your King of Kings, the Word of the Holy Spirit, the Word of your Father, but don’t worry Reymundo.

Do what I tell you, and no one, no one can do a thing. For when your Father says something, it will happen. But tell everyone that reads this Word, with the Mind of Christ, with the Mind of the Holy Spirit, with the Mind of your Father, the One which made the World, the Stars, all that you see, all that you touch, that I made with My Word. They, the Holy Spirit will touch them in the Heart. They will believe you. They, the Ones which know nothing. They will believe you, but the people that believe, they know everything. Their minds are going to be mixed up and they are not going to believe what their ears are hearing, because it’s easy.

For they don’t understand the things of God that are easy. They look for all the things that are hard and what is easy, they make it hard. Then they mix up the Ones that don’t know anything. What a Shame! What a Shame! But look for the Ones that don’t know Me, and don’t worry of the Ones which believe that they know it all. For I have a very Heavy Hand and I know how to use My Hand.

For no one can stop the Word of your God, but in seriousness, My Heart cries. For they have their hearts so hard, and there they have the ways of God in their hands, and they are blind. They have the Word of My Son. They have the Word of the Holy Spirit, and they don’t hear and they don’t see that the God that made everything, made the Love, the things easy. Things are easy, because it is very easy to look for your God.

There He is in front of your eyes. There He is around you. Your God is very easy. All you have to do is raise your hand, and I will catch you. You can touch Me. I am in front of your nose. That’s the manner of God. It is easy! You have to read the Bible with the Mind of God because it is easy. Did you hear Me? Did you write all the Words that I said? I am telling you with the Love of your God Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father.

Look for the people, Reymundo. Send the letters, write your book. For I am with you, and you will see miracles, the things of God, because you looked for Me and I am there, Face to Face, Body to Body, Hand to Hand, with you. Every step is the step of God, but don’t worry of the sins, just pray, and repent with your heart, not with your lips, for I read your heart. And We will walk hand and hand on the sand of Heaven, on the sand of God, with the Love of your Father, with the Love of My Son, with the Love of the Holy Spirit. I am telling you the truth.

I want you to say the Word of God to the World. For My Son, the Holy Spirit and Me, We are going to close this World. It’s not important if they believe you or not. What’s important is that you do what I tell you, with the Mind of God, with the Heart of God, with the Love of God.

Did you hear Me? Hurry! Get up, turn on your computer, and start with the Words I have said to you. I will help you. Did you hear Me, Reymundo? I know what you are thinking this minute. Don’t worry for your friends, for your family, and your new family you’re going to have. For no one can beat your God. Trust Me. Trust Me. Trust Me, Reymundo.

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