0233. Prophecy – The flame of hell that will be used. A battle with witchcraft.


233. Prophecy, Vision, and Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 24 November 1992 at 10:33 PM.


I see a cook wearing a sheepskin, but he is a Fox. I am having a sensation all over my body. It’s tingling! I am in a War right now. I have been in it for about a half hour. I have called some of my Christian brothers and sisters to pray for me. It’s really intense. I am having visions. I see a cross. Someone is burning a cross made of sticks. I see them holding a doll of some sort. Someone is sticking pins in this doll. The head of the doll just flew off. I hear them chanting.

I don’t know how I got into this, but something is coming after me with great strength, but I AM STANDING MY GROUND! I took my Communion. I read the chapter in Ephesians six on the Armor of God. And I AM NOT GOING TO BUDGE! I am going to pray against it, and I AM NOT GOING TO BUDGE! That’s all I can say right now. I feel very strange. I have my Christian music tape on. I am going to turn off the tape recorder, and I am going to pray, and I am going to pray, and I am going to pray, and I am going to pray, until I break whatever is there.


I see someone holding a doll from the belly up. The doll is facing up. They are holding it up with a stick on a string. The doll looks like it’s wearing a Karate uniform. That’s all I can see. I am going back to prayer.


I see a woman dressed in pure white with black hair and laying in a coffin facing up. I can’t tell if she’s dead or not. I don’t believe she is. I see the image of teeth, they’re chewing something, but I can’t see what they’re chewing. Back to prayer.

I have been just waiting, I am just waiting, The Presence of the Lord seems to be here, I am shaking. I haven’t been praying for the last few minutes. I am just waiting on the Lord to do the next thing, the next step, whatever it is. I see a face of a creature of some sort with big eyes, but the Lord has me waiting. I am not praying. I am just waiting. Waiting on the Lord, but I know, I sense, I believe, the battle is just beginning, at least for tonight.


I see a black helicopter. For some reason its flying upside down. I didn’t think they could do that, or maybe, I am seeing it from above, but from where I am standing. It’s flying upside down. Now I see it facing me right side up. I can see the blades. Its making a humming sound.


I am seeing bizarre things, very bizarre things. It looks like a petal of a rose, except when it opens up something looking like a lipstick changes into a tongue. Wait a minute, I am seeing something now. I see a table, a round table with four people sitting at the table. They’re at a meeting. I can’t hear what they’re saying. But I see someone rolling some dough with a rolling pin and some stuff I can’t explain what it is.

Vision and Prophecy:

I can’t explain what I am seeing. My body…, I don’t know; I have goose bumps all over. I guess you would call them goose bumps. I don’t know why, but I am thinking of a vision I had two or three years ago in the early part of 1991, I believe, when the Lord said he was going to light up the Pit of Hell.

Evidently the devil had locked up some Nuns and Priests in a church building of some sort, I believe in Italy. They were monks. If I remember correctly it was back in the fifteen hundreds. The devil locked them in this church and he set it on fire. I can still hear them screaming. They’re beating the doors and the windows, and they can’t get out. I can see them, they’re afraid. They know they’re going to die. The devil won’t let them out.


The Lord said, “I am going to use the same flames that the devil used to burn the Monks, Priest, and Nuns to light up the Pit of Hell. The same flames that the devil used to torch that church.”

The Lord was going to use it to light up Hell and throw the devil in it Head first, I believe I am Prophesying.


I am seeing someone wearing an Arab outfit with a white head piece and a bandanna. It’s a man with a black beard, and he has a gold braid or band around the white turban. It covers his hair and neck.

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