0296. Dream – A dream about a new residential housing tract.


296. Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 21 February 1993 at 6:32 AM.

I had a dream about a new residential housing tract construction site. Construction workers were building a few houses in the suburbs. My brother and I were there to deliver something, and that’s all we were supposed to do. I don’t know how or why, or where we were supposed to deliver this thing. But we were supposed to go there and deliver this thing, whatever it was. So we delivered this thing, I believe it was sand. Construction workers were working between the houses, painting them, some were putting on stucco, and some were just framing.

There, in the street, I could see these two old men working with this grader, shoveling and pushing sand on this new street. This wasn’t an ordinary asphalt street, I believe it was concrete or something that looked like concrete, but I am not sure, for they were using methods of construction I had never seem before, but these two old men were grading it. My brother and I were watching, our job was just to deliver this sand, or something.

Everyone else was working, and we were just standing around watching. Finally, My brother got bored and followed someone over this little hill. I was left there alone, and started getting bored too. So I started looking for the man who hired me. For I wanted to get paid so I could leave. I kept hearing this old man, working and moving sand from here to there, with this other old man.

I started to get very curious as to what he was saying. I listened to him and watched, as he worked. He didn’t pay any attention to me, and ignored me. I just stood around like a dummy, listening to the people, and watched as they worked. Somehow I felt like I was just out of high school, or something like that. For I knew the principles of construction, but this road was somehow different and new.

The next thing I see, I am following this old man, like a wet nosed kid. This man was old, and somehow I sensed he was the boss, but I didn’t know. He didn’t look like the boss, everyone else seemed to be doing their own job in the construction of these few houses. I could see people come and ask him questions, but his mannerisms didn’t fit those of a Boss.

It appeared that the only thing he had on his mind was this little section of road he was working on. He seemed to be working on it by himself with the exception of this other old man. So, I decided to ask him where the man that pays the bills. For I had already done my job, and I didn’t want to stand around wasting time.

I said, “Where is the Boss?” He kind of ignored me at first. I asked him again, “Do you know who the Boss is?” He didn’t say a word, he just kept doing his own thing. I followed him to this house, and in front of this house I could see He was spreading this sand, and showing some guy what to do. I went and asked him again, “Who is the Boss here, someone hired me, and I don’t know who he is?” He didn’t say a word….

Then he said, “Come over here,” and I followed. I just couldn’t keep up with that old man. I asked the question again, “Just follow me,” He said. So I just followed him. He started to spread some more sand. I said again, “Do you know who owns this company? Someone called and hired me to deliver some sand.”

Now, I found myself in this garage with this old man, and there were people all around. For some reason he said, “Follow me”, and crawled under a large bottom dump tractor trailer. Somehow this tractor rig was parked inside this residential house garage. It seemed impossible, but it was parked inside.

I have no idea why, but we were both standing in front of the tractor rig, and then suddenly He started to crawl under this tractor to get to the garage doorway. He said, “Follow me.” So I followed him underneath this tractor trailer, which seemed so weird. He moved very fast, for such an old man, but I got myself underneath the tractor, and crawled behind him. For some reason the path under the tractor somehow became narrow, and smaller.

Then, when the tractor above me started to move, I started to get frightened, but I managed to get to the other end safely. By the time I got out from under the truck, He was outside shoveling sand. I said again, “Do you know who hired me? I want to get paid. So I can leave.” Then he said, “You want to work, don’t you?” I said, “Yes, Yeah, I am hungry. You know, I haven’t really worked for a while.” He said, “Well, take this sand and spread it.”

He wanted me to spread it all over this strange concrete surface they were working on; it wasn’t asphalt, or concrete. He said, “Take this little shovel, and start spreading it on top of this surface, and do as I tell you. And I thought he said, “And I’ll find the guy that hired you,” or something like that. He wasn’t very clear.

Then he goes over to this guy who seemed to be the man who handled the money, or the accountant. At first I thought he was telling the accountant about me, but as I listened I discovered he was talking about someone else. So the old man says to the accountant, “I am going to send this young man to you. This guy needs some money to fly some place.” He said, “Be sure you have his money ready, and the air fare ready by Monday morning. Because I want this guy over there at this place on time.”

He was giving this accountant his orders. Then I really understood that this old man was the big Boss; this old man I had been following around. Then He said to Me, “The accountant does a good job. He looks busy, but he is going to do what I tell him, you just watch, and see.”

I said again, “Well, who is the guy that hired me?” He said, “Come over here.” And He gave me the shovel again, and said, “I want you to spread the sand all over this place, everywhere you see a spot without sand, I want you to spread it over the spot. I remember feeling good, and happy inside, for I now had some real work. For some reason I hadn’t been really working, and the job looked easy, and the shovel was small. I figured, its an easy job, and construction work paid pretty good.

So I said, “Well, okay, gee, my brother and I finally got us a little job we can both do, and its not hard.” So, I started looking for him, so he could work also. I asked everyone, and someone said he had gone over the hill behind the housing tract with some people. I tried to look for him, without success. I said to myself, “I wonder why he took off. Well, he’ll be back.”

The old man left and went somewhere else. So, I took the shovel, and started shoveling sand. While I was working, this big tow truck, hauling this car, drove over this unfinished street that was being constructed. I said to myself, “This tow truck is tearing up this new street.” But, this old man didn’t even get mad. He didn’t say a thing, and didn’t seem worried. Eventually, I ran out of sand, and He hadn’t instructed me where to get more. There weren’t any piles of sand to be found anywhere. I walked around looking for the old man.

Finally, I tracked him down, and sort of pinned him to the wall, and said, “Okay, I need to be instructed on what to do, and how to do it.” He said, “Hey, wherever you see the sand on the street, keep it wet and spread the sand over the areas that don’t have it.” He says, “Because people invest good money in property like this. Nobody wants their streets to crack. So, keep the sand wet so the street will not crack. The sand helps it to dry slowly. It will stop it from cracking, for people paid good money for these homes. So, I want you to keep everything wet.”

He said, “Come over here, I am going to give you a section that needs sand.” I said, “Fine,” For now I had some instructions, and knew exactly what should be done. I felt really proud. I took my little shovel, and used the little sand I had, and followed him out, and found myself in front of a garage that needed some sand. So, I proudly spread some sand on the areas that needed sand, like I was some professional sand person.

During this time everyone was doing their jobs, and I was running around with this little shovel full of sand spreading the areas that needed sand. I had been spreading sand for some time, then, all of a sudden, I found myself inside this garage again which had equipment inside. Then an intercom turned on, as I was setting there waiting, telling myself, “What am I going to do now, I am out of sand?” Then the old man started talking to me through the intercom.

I have no idea how he knew I was in the garage, but he said, “Ray, I know you are a Christian.” He said, “You’re going to hear a lot of things from these construction workers, for they have dirty mouths, and they are going to say some things about Christianity, and stuff like that. So, if they hear you are a Christian, they are going to give you a hard time,” He said, ” Just don’t listen to them.” I couldn’t hear his warning because of all the noise in this little area.

I tried to listen to this instructions about what to do, and what not to do. For he said the construction workers were going to harass me if they found out I was a Christian. But I couldn’t hear his instructions because of the noise of the cars and other activities. I listened as hard as I could, but all these distractions were drowning out the old man’s voice on the intercom. Then the instructions just stopped. He never knew that I didn’t hear all the advice. All I heard was the beginning: “Just don’t let these people shake you by what they say with their dirty mouths”, is all I heard. So I said to myself, “I better keep my mouth shut, and say nothing.”

So, about quitting time, the voice just stopped. People started coming into this garage, to put up their equipment and stuff. I heard them talking, and I started feeling uneasy and insecure. I remember feeling very uneasy about this job. I had never received full instructions on how to do my job, or, how I would get paid, or, the amount.

But the old man said, “Keep coming back. Come back tomorrow, though I might not be here. Make sure the street doesn’t crack, keep it watered, keep the sand on it, and you’ll be okay. I’ll see you get plenty of work.” Then the Dream just stopped. I never knew who the old man was or his name. I tried to look for the company’s name on the company equipment, without success. I never found out who would pay me, or how much. All I knew was, that I had a new job. That was the dream.


I am still thinking about this dream. I remember praying so hard before I went to sleep last night. I prayed with my whole heart to the Holy Spirit to guide me, and to talk to me. I waited, and I waited, and I didn’t get an answer, but I did get this dream. I believe the old man was God, and He was telling me about my job. I’ll never understand God, and His ways. He is fair, but He is elusive, and He is loving.

He wanted to give me a job that wasn’t very hard. He didn’t want the construction workers to pick on me. So, He took the time to tell me, and to warn me what the other workers would do. I have a hard time comprehending why my brother left me alone, maybe my brother was the Body of Christ, and the construction workers were the people of the world, but, he left me alone, and followed something else. I don’t know where, but, I was left alone with a little shovel full of sand, and instructions to wet the street, and to place sand on the street so it didn’t crack.

I don’t know if you are listening Lord, but I love you. I wish I could pin you down. You always seem to slip through my fingers. I just can’t seem to sit you down, and ask you, “What’s next?” You seem to be four or five steps ahead of me. All I can say, Lord, “Is, I’ll try; I’ll do my best; that’s all I can say.”

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