0343. Occurrence – A message for Satan.


343. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 September 1993 at 9 PM.

While my prayer partner and I were praying, after having Communion, the Presence of the Lord appeared in the spirit. Somehow without warning, I found myself surrounded by thousands and thousands of demonic dark figures. I had a sword in my hands and it was extended, and a dark figure, a demon had his sword extended. We both were standing in this open field with our swords touching each other and crossed ready to fight.

I quickly looked at my surroundings and saw five or six Angels behind me in the middle of all these dark creatures. I looked to the right, the left and above. And on this platform to my right, I saw Satan sitting on a chair looking down at me as if this were a sports arena for this potential battle or exhibition which was about to begin. I had a strong sense that this was going to be a sport for them.

I looked at Satan and said, “I’m not here to entertain you. I am here to give you a message.”

Then without warning I took my sword and swung it and hacked the body of this dark creature in two that was in front of me like it was a piece of butter. I had no fear in the slightest. I sensed and felt the authority of God with me and that it was the thing to do.

The next thing I sensed was the Presence of Jesus Christ. I don’t know how to explain it in the flesh of what really happened, but I’ll try. “The Power, the Force, and the Glory” of Jesus Christ of Nazareth flowed through me as I was standing in the midst of these dark figures with the handful of Angels that were behind me.

While this was happening my prayer partner kept on praying. I sensed an incredible Force flowing through me. I just kept saying the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in my mind over and over as my body turned in a circle speaking in tongues. I could see the dark figures fall to the ground and literally shake and place their hands over their ears and scream in pain. Just hearing the tongue language and me saying the Name of Jesus Christ in my mind TOTALLY frightened them. I could see them all down on their knees shaking or flat on the ground screaming and wailing, even Satan.

I have no idea what Christ said through me in tongues, but it came out with POWER, AUTHORITY and to the POINT. As my body turned, it felt like I had a machine gun and was shooting with invincible Power. I sensed COMPLETE control as they all, even Satan, fell, except for the Angelic Angels and me. They were all on the ground trembling and shaking in complete terror.

Then I felt the Presence of Jehovah God and sensed He was going to Speak. Then one of the Angelic Angels came to me and touched my throat and a strange and unusual tongue I have never heard before started to come out of me. This very strange tongue with unusual sounds was going crazy. This tongue seemed to come from deep within me.

As the Father was speaking through me in my mind I just kept saying to myself, “Lord keep me humble, keep me humble, keep me humble, keep me meek.”

I lost all sense of time, but I did ask Jehovah what was being said to the demonic creatures.

The Father said, “It’s not for you to know, you’re just the vessel for transmitting this message.”

When it was over the Power Presence of the Father left my body I was left standing in Awe, swaying from side to side. I didn’t fall, but I felt that I could have, if the swaying didn’t stop soon. I wanted to open my eyes to see where I was standing in case I fell, but I was just overwhelmed and didn’t care. I just stood there, I don’t know for how long, but my spirit was in COMPLETE CONTROL and my flesh became aware of its surroundings.

Somehow I couldn’t come back down into the flesh or this world. I felt like I was somewhere in the middle between these two worlds. So my body just stood there swaying from side to side and wondering where it was going to land. This Power Presence, this Glory residue of Jehovah left me swaying in a circular motion. I kept thinking to myself, I am going to fall and hurt myself, but my body just stood there and swayed in a circular motion.

Then there was this Peace, this Serenity, this Calmness that overcame me. I just kept praising the Lord during this and in complete “Awe.” I was so overwhelmed.

Then I felt the Presence of the Holy Spirit deep within me. What came to mind was His Presence, of 1990, when I first felt His Authority to the Point without fanfare. The next thing I knew my hand started shaking and my body went crazy. This trembling and shaking felt like I was going to be lifted into the air with His Power as it was coming from within my chest. Later my prayer partner told me my shaking shook the whole house. I just shook as if I was plugged into an electric outlet, but it felt good. It felt like the Presence of the Holy Spirit was making its exit.

I was shocked afterwards for I had never experienced all three, Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit at one time and working in union and in this manner. The sense of being used by each of them as a vessel, one right after the other, was unbelievable.

Eventually I gained control of myself and sat down in complete “Awe.” I wish I could describe in words the Presence of God, but I don’t think it is possible, not in the flesh. That’s all.

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