0363. Prophecy – Manosa. The lady with the hair of gold.


363. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 27 September 1993 at 8:41 PM. in Spanish.

She is very “Mañosa” (Spanish word means: skillful, clever, crafty, tricky, vicious.) Yes, Reymundo. She’s very “Mañosa.” The lady with the golden hair. Watch yourself. Watch yourself with the Hands of God. Watch yourself with the Eyes of God. Watch yourself with the Ears of God for here comes the day that she’s going to look for you. Yes. Yes, here comes the day. It is here. Yes, it has arrived the things that I told before. It has arrived.

Yes, Reymundo watch out. She has the hunger. She has the hunger the lady with the hair of gold. Yes, you have to look for the good things. You have to make yourself strong for the day has arrived that the lady with the hair of gold…

Eat everything that is bad. Eat everything that is of the devil. Eat everything that is not of God. My Arms are there to hug you, to protect you, with the Lips of God, with the Word of God. Yes, My son, it is here the date that I told you, My Artist. The demonic, the things of the devil, the things that are going to hit, the world, all the people, of all the countries of the world.

Yes, you have to look. You have to look for your God, with the Fever of God. It has arrived. Arm yourself for it is here, the stones. All that I told you is going to happen, but don’t worry for I will protect you, with all that I have. I will protect you. This is your Father, with the Son, the Holy Spirit.

Don’t worry for money or worry about ladies. Don’t worry, for everything is in My Hands, all is, with My Son, with the Holy Spirit, with your Father, and everything will go well. All will happen in the manner of God.

I want you to get up. I want you to do your Book. I want you to work on your Book, and then I will call again at another hour. And We will write more to tell the Body of My Son the things of God, the manner of God, with the Fever of Heaven, with the Fever of your God; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It has arrived what I have told you, but you have to work, for time is getting short. Use the Fingers of Heaven, and write everything that I told you in the manner of God.

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