0420. Prophecy – It will become harder in factories, government and in the world.


420. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 March 1994 at 8:20 AM. in Spanish.

How are you My son? How are you? It is here, your heart. It is here, the chocolate, the chocolate, the chocolate. I promised you all of the body, all of the mind, all of the spirit, and I am going to give it to you. You have to look for the things of Heaven, the things of your God. The things that are good, the things that are Mine. You have the nerve. You have the faith. You have the strength. You have everything that you need to do what I tell you. I know what you need.

Look for your Father, your Christ, and the Holy Spirit, with the fever of your spirit everyday. For things are going to become harder in the world, in the factories, in the government. All the world is going to become very hard. The wars are going to begin as I told you before. The things are ready, and the devil is going to set them loose. He is going to set them loose with the nerve of everything that is evil.

But My son, you and your family, and your male, and female friends, I am going to save with My Hand, with My Angels because you all have the Nerve of Heaven. The Nerve of your Father, the Nerve of the Son, and the Nerve of the Holy Spirit because all of you seek Me with an open heart. And I am going to protect you, but here comes the hard days.

You have to pray. You have to do what I tell you, with the mind of your God, with the mind of everything that is good. I am going to show you the things that are going to happen in the manner of God. But look, the world is going to fall with the force of the devil. For the day of the Light has arrived, the Day of Christ, and the war in the Heaven, and the war in the world has arrived with the fever of everything that is of fighting, until the end, until the end.

It has arrived. Remember that I told you before it happened and I tell you today the same things people have to repent. People have to look for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They have to look for everything that is good. All that is of God. All that is of Heaven. For the day of suffering has arrived.

Many people don’t want to hear the Words of God. But exactly as My Name is “The God of the World, I am, I am, I am, and the Holy Spirit” Your Father knows the righteous things. And if they don’t hear Me then the PROBLEM is theirs, all the suffering, all of the pit.

For I tell them, and I tell them, and I tell them, and I tell them, and they don’t hear Me. And they run after the devil dancing with joy, and I am going to release them; so they can find their devil; so they can live in the pit. For I have told them the right manner, the manner of God, and they don’t want to hear Me, and with tears I am telling you the truth.

For what is of the devil I am going to hit with My Hand like you hit a fly. If they don’t repent of the sins, and if they don’t seek My Son Jesus, your Christ, and if they don’t seek the Father, and if they don’t seek the Holy Spirit they’re not going to save themselves.

This is My Word, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. For the Tomorrow’s are finished, “The Tomorrow’s of this world.” They have arrived at the end. This is your Father. I am going to tell you with the Force of My Lips that all the Words that I have told you today are the truth, and are going to pass EXACTLY AS I HAVE TOLD YOU. And no one in the world can change, can stop, what I say, with the Force of the Holy Spirit, with the Force of My Son Jesus, with the Force of My Lips, “IT IS DONE!, All, because I have said it.”

Look Reymundo, I want you to make yourself strong. I want you to pray. I want you to repent. I want you to send the Prophecy Books to where I tell you in the manner of God. For here comes the bullets. Here comes the stones. Here comes the devil, and he is going to hit the world with all that is evil, and My Saints; the ones that need the Word, have to hear what the Father has said with the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I know that you can do it. I am going to give you the money, the strength, the wife, the friends, all that you need. For I am going to close this world like I close a book. But it’s going to be easy, just point your nose toward Heaven, and pray, and repent, and eat the Communion everyday. All is going to go well.

This is your Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, that is speaking to you, and telling you the Word of Heaven, the Word of everything that is righteous, and straight, the Word of your God. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, it has arrived the end, the end, the end, the end, the end, the end. My little son, I have heard your prayers. I have heard them.

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