0619. Prophecy – A dream of an army ruling a city.


619. Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 October 1994 at 6:30 AM.

A dream of an army ruling a city. It reminded me of how Germany occupied Europe during World War II. I found myself in a University sitting at a desk which would seat three people. It was a narrow room that looked like a passenger train with seats on each side. As I looked up, the door facing me opened and three soldiers walked in. They were walking from desk to desk and ordering everyone to take some kind of white tablet. It looked like an ant-acid tablet. The tablets were carried in a tin cup that looked like a tuna fish can. There were only ten to fifteen tablets in the tin cup and people had to place a tablet in their mouths then replaced the tablet into the tin cup. Everyone had to use the same tablets without question. It looked so gross as they went from desk to desk.

Then I found myself in a large lunch room with officers and army people eating turkey and other good food. For some reason I wasn’t invisible anymore. Two soldiers were speaking to me, telling me what they had done during the day.

I thought to myself, “They think I am one of them.”

I remember thinking, “Slip out of here before they find out you are not one of them.”

Then I found myself outside on a street that was being repaired. I could see a circular auger ripping up an area that needed repair. And off to one side of the street I saw some non-military people standing. Some soldiers were soaking these people’s clothes with tar. Then these people were made to roll on the prepared street. They were coating the street with the tar on their clothes for the asphalt laying. They were also using other soaked tar people as brooms, to coat the street.

Then I found myself back at the University where people weren’t allowed to walk freely.

In the next image, I found myself on a street watching a crowd of people as soldiers rode up on horse back and started shooting them down. Then they rode off like they did nothing wrong. Everything in this city was regimented. The expressions on people’s faces were like the people in the movie, Schlindler’s List.

I could see people helping a pregnant woman and other people in need, but it was done discreetly. This was a very, very sad dream of how people can treat people. The pride and the arrogance was well written, all over these soldiers.

I remember wanting to leave the city because of all the violence. Two young women offered me a ride out of the city in their open car. The driver said that she needed gas, so we stopped at a gas station to see if we could get some gas.

I got out of the car to stretch my legs. I saw a small open building with three walls that looked like a small garage. Once inside the building, I noticed it was a place where people were tortured and killed. I turned to leave when a young boy appeared behind me. He started telling me that he was in charge of the small building. He acted very proud of his job and stated he had just executed his parents the day before. Trying not to appear shocked, I asked him how old he was. He said that he was sixteen.

Then a women came toward us and said she was his mother, and also acted so proud. But I remembered that the young man had just stated that he had killed his parents the day before. I couldn’t understand why the women said one thing and the boy another, but the boy seemed to be telling the truth. This was one city a person wouldn’t want to live in or want to be caught doing something wrong. (over)

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