1014. Dream – I had this dream where I worked in a fruit factory.


1014. Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 February 1997.

I had this dream where I worked in a fruit factory, and I had a female boss. I remembered she was a hard person to please. I was placed on this conveyor belt, where all these grapes were placed. My job was to remove all the spoiled and rotten grapes from the good bunches of grapes, and I guess, I was suppose to package them, but I wasn’t instructed to do so. As I removed all the spoiled and rotten grapes from the moving conveyor belt, I noticed that all the grapes were going to fall on the floor. For there wasn’t anything there to catch these grapes. So I call my brother Ted standing near a doorway, and told him to find me a box to catch the grapes. So he threw me and old used box, but as he threw the box, I noticed a bunch of grapes had fallen onto the floor. I quickly picked them up and noticed that they were not damaged (at least they didn’t looked bruised). In no time, I had the used box full and began to place the other grapes onto a neighboring table full of grapes.

Then right behind the last bunch of grapes, I noticed some small purple pears already packaged nine per box. These purple pear boxes looked like square egg cartons without a cover.

Then someone called out and said, “Those are very delicate pears. Make sure they do not get bruised.”

So I tried to move these pears, but I noticed that there were still a lot of grapes in the way of me moving these pears. The conveyor belt was stopped, and I was left with all this fruit that I didn’t know what to do with. Then the dream stopped. (over)

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