1170. Occurrence – A spiritual attack.


1170. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 13 May 1998 at 8:17 AM.

I had a very unusual evening. I got attacked in the middle of the night. This evil presence came into my room and started hitting my head. Then I felt like some kind of sore was developing on my tongue and it burned, and it burned. I still feel it right now! Every time I tried to fall asleep, this whatever it was, would try to attack me. I had taken Communion earlier, and I prayed for my family members who live with me, but this evil presence was so strong, I had to get up again and anoint my forehead, hands, and feet. Then I went back to bed and began to pray against it aloud! It seemed that the Lord could have taken care of the situation, but I did have a very realistic strange dream.

I really do not understand what is going on, but I believe this attack has to do with the Bible Study Notes on the end times, I am uploading onto the web site. I have been having so much warfare over it, it is so unbelievable. So the other night I asked the Lord to give me a sign or a confirmation. That what I was doing was correct! I prayed and I prayed and I prayed and I asked the Lord; that I wanted to see lighting and hear thunder as a confirmation. So I waited and I waited, for it was raining; and nothing happened! So I prayed myself to sleep.

Then the next morning I read in the newspaper, and saw on television that lighting struck and burned this multistory building’s deck or awning in San Francisco. It cracked part of the building, and totally destroyed the deck or awing and it fell off the upper part of the building and hit the street below. Then I remembered my prayer, but I did not know if that was my confirmation from the Lord.

Then the next day we had four or five twisters (can you believe it – in the San Francisco Bay Area!). We never have tournedos in the San Francisco Bay Area. It blew some roofs off a few houses and uprooted some trees. All of this happened within a fifty mile radius of my house. Then the Lord placed it in my spirit that this had to do with what I was doing. And you better believe it scares me! For I saw them on the television and these things were real! This one news program even instructed people on what to do in case a tornado hits your area. This reminded me of the spiritual attack last night, it was real too! So I am getting a different perspective on these Bible Study Notes on the end times that I am preparing concerning what I studied two years ago! (over)

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