1485. Vision – I saw this enormous nuclear blast.


1485. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 April 2000 at 8:40 PM.

I was taking a break from typing the prophecies and I was lying in bed. Then the Lord gave me a vision. I saw this enormous nuclear blast with a large mushroom cloud that looked like it was close to the ground. There seemed to be water there, but I am not sure, but I could sense the vibrations in the air, sky, and the shaking of the ground or water. I do not know if it was water or ground, but I could see the force, and I wish I could describe the watch I saw. Because one could only describe it correctly if one saw it in the spirit. It was scary. (over)


Now I see a black cat with bright yellow eyes.


Now I see a vision of an owl.


Now I see the inside of an airplane. I can see that the side door is open and some man is throwing out some kind of spool, with the wire attached to the plane.


Now I see a man flying on a shovel (like you would imagine a witch flying a broom). Well, this was a man flying a shovel. (over)


I just heard a voice, and the voice said to run my fist through the wall. I do not believe it was God. I was just threaten, they said they were going to hang me. (over)


Now, I see a golden pick wing horizontally at three black shadows and they lost their heads. (over)


I see a silver looking woman’s high heel shoe. The heel is so high that the woman is practically walking on her toes. (over)

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