1509. Vision – South America Mission Trip.


1509. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 June 2000.

During prayer at the Brazilian Bible Study, for the South America Mission Trip, the Lord showed me a long sword with the dull edge pointing up. As I watched the sword, I saw this small worm or caterpillar at the end of the handle. Then I noticed this worm or caterpillar began to move along the dull edge and as it moved the edge of the sword became razor sharp. This slow moving worm did not stop until it reached the end of the sword and the sword was left completely sharp.


Then I saw another sword with its dull edge pointed up. Then I saw another small bug at the end of the sword near the handle, but the bug looked different. It reminded me of a turtle, but it wasn’t a turtle. It had a hard looking shell covering its body, but the head and legs did not look like a turtle’s head and legs. Then this small little creature began to move along the dull edge of the sword and as it moved the dull edge of the sword became razor sharp.


Then this snake appeared and this sword went into the snake’s mouth right up to the handle of the sword. As I watched this snake with a sword in its mouth, I saw the single sword become two swords and they opened up inside of the snake’s mouth like a pair of scissors and cut the snake down the middle horizontally.


Then I saw this Rhinoceros charging toward me in the spirit.


Then I saw a donkey or jackass from behind. This was a very strange sight because it looked like the donkey was painted black with paint from it’s rear end down to it’s hoofs. The only thing that was left unpainted was its body and tail. It looked like it had backed up against a freshly painted black wall. I cannot explain why the brown tail did not get any paint on it. Maybe someone just painted the donkey that way.

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