1534. Vision – Mira Flores district of Lima


1534. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera 14 July 2000.

Now we were on our way to Lima, Peru and the Lord gave me a vision.


I saw a round ball, like a balloon with a skin made of ice.  Then an ice pick came from the top and stabbed down at it and it exploded.

Occurrence at 4 PM:

We were walking in Mira Flores district of Lima, Peru.  During this walk the Lord again impressed my spirit to Anoint the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, which was on our way to the sandwich shop where we were going to eat.  So on the way back from a sandwich shop we Anointed it.

4:30 PM.

Back at our hotel I had a bad headache, so we prayed about the Anointing and my headache.

Then the Lord said, “It is done” (This was regarding the Anointing of Lima, Peru).


Then I had a vision of a red brick wall, which I saw collapsed as we prayed. 


Then I saw a Lion’s head – it opened its mouth and a white rush of light came out. It was very forceful.


Then I saw the number “3”.  

Vision: 8:30 PM

Then I saw a round fish.           


Then the round fish changed into a swordfish.

I sensed in the spirit something about the Sword of the Spirit.

When we prayed regarding the total Peru Mission Trip.

The Lord said, “It is finished”.


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