1623. Prophecy – No one can stop the Word of God.



1623. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 8 May 2001 at 1:55 AM in Spanish.

(Non-understandable tongues)

Yes My son, everything is going clearly and to the point! The Force of God is with you. Yes! But the world does not know, what the Force of God is. They believe everything happens in the manner of man with the force of man. But there are many things that are clear, that man cannot do. These things and the rest of the things are the things of the Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of the Father, the Spirit of the Holy Spirit. Yes, all things are of the Spirit with the Force of the Love of God, I tell you the truth! Open your eyes and look at the sky. Everything that you see your Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit made with the Word. Man cannot make a thing, only sins. And this is clear and to the point.

There are many people who are reading the Prophecies that I gave to you. They believe they are going to stop you because you do not have money, but no one can stop the Word of God. “No one!” I tell you correctly. I tell you to the point! When I say something it HAPPENS! The Manner of God is different than the manner of man. The devil is frightened. He knows that all of the hours that you put on your computer; working for your Father, for your Jesus, for your Holy Spirit – makes him mad. But there is nothing he can do about it, and this is clear. We are going to put everything (write everything) that I want to say in the manner that I want to say it.

There is going to be much blood that is going to fall for many days, for many years – many tears. For there are many sins in this world – I tell you clearly and to the point. People do not know what is, “a sin”, for they are hand in hand with the devil, and sins are like they are nothing. Yes! The sin is good and the righteous things are bad. That is the way the manners of man are. For they are lip to lip with the devil, but here comes the end. And if you love, the love of the devil, I am going to place you and the devil in that place that the devil is going to live in.

It gives Me impatience, I cannot wait, for I want My Sheep in Heaven with Me. I want to hug them, I want to kiss them with My Lips. Yes! But We are very close, for some things have to happen before other things happen; and I know this! Because that was the way I regulated things (or set things up). But I have the patience to wait. It makes Me sad that people do not even know that I am there, and here comes the hammer, and here comes the saw. Here come the things of death. Yes! I tell them and I tell them and they do not want to hear.

The churches are the same, what a shame! I tell them and I tell them and I tell them, and they tell Me “NO!” They tell Me they do not want to hear for they know the manner to go to heaven and that they do not need Me. Because they already know that they are going to heaven and they do not need Me! What a shame! What a shame! But that is the way it is with the sins of man that are lip to lip with the devil.

But My Sheep know My Voice and My Sheep do what I tell them. The rest, I am going to send them to the pit! They believe they know it all, but they know nothing. That is the way things are going to be in the end. They are going to become crazy and I am going to place them in the pit. My Son has told them and I have told them and the Holy Spirit has told them – and still they run after (or behind?) the man, who believes he knows that he is god.

But they do not believe in the Word of the Father, the Word of the Son, the Word of the Holy Spirit. They do not read the Bible. They do not eat the Communion. They do not know the Law of God. What a shame! But that is the way things are with the things of this world. “Exactly and to the point!” All is filthy. They are going to cry. They are going to get bloody. They are going to die for all the days that there are days. For they did not hear My Word to the point.

Yes, My son Reymundo, go to sleep and rest for We have more work to do tomorrow. I know what We are going to do, but I want you to sleep and rest. We have to change the minds of the sheep, the sheep that belong to Me. The sheep that protect My Word – My Sheep who read the Bible – My Sheep that pray – My Sheep that eat the Communion – My Sheep that know the Law. Yes, My son it has arrived the end of this day – sleep and We will begin again tomorrow. Rest, My beautiful one. (over)


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