1886. Prophecy – The Body of Christ has to wake up


1886. Prophecy sound file was recorded as the Lord spoke through me as the other Prophecy sound files that have been uploaded. It is best to read the text as you listen to the sound file.



1886. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 27 November 2006 at 1:13 PM

I am, I am, I am. I am what you see, what you touch, what has been, what is now, what is going to be. Everything is in My Hands, the Power, the Glory, the Vengeance, the Love. Things of the world will change, some things slowly, some things dramatically. Things are going to change. When I say I am going to put an end to this planet; these are not idle Words. You can bury your head in the sand. You can pretend you didn’t hear this message. You can call My Prophet names, but it is before you; “The End.” Many people will die. Many people will suffer. The Vengeance of God is here. This has been foretold through the Bible for many hundreds of years and still people do not believe what is before them. You tell them and you tell them and you tell them. You give them signs. You give them warnings and they still hide their heads. They still play church games.

The Body of Christ has to wake up, because death is before you. Many forms, violence, people will kill without any reason. Law and order will disappear. The devil will kill. The armies of different nations will kill. It is all in the Bible. The end is before; if you want to play church – play church! But remember this; you were told, you were warned and you dismissed it, and you went and played your games; – fantasy Christianity. I guess you will not believe it until that bat hits you between the eyes, or that bullet, or that fist, or those chains. When you see your love ones carried off, raped, mutilated and thrown into a hole.

Remember, your Father told you to bring the Body of Christ together. He told you to pray. He told you to have Communion. He told you to seek your brothers and sisters in the streets, to be righteous, to seek My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. These things aren’t that hard compared to what you are going to have to go through if you don’t do them. Wake up, here comes the bullet. Here comes the bat. Here comes that fist, straight, direct, and into your face. Stop playing church games, stop that dancing that takes you nowhere but to the pit.

Get your nose in the Bible. Stop seeking the things of the world. Get on your knees and pray. Do not follow the ways of man, seek Jehovah, seek Jesus Christ of Nazareth, seek the Holy Spirit. That is where the Protection is. That is where the Power is. That is where the Love is. The devil, your enemy is going to throw everything at you, and you do not even believe that he is there. You do not even believe in Jesus Christ. So be it! So be it! So be it!


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