Mt. Diablo Witinesses (more photographs)


Mt. Diablo Witnesses (more photographs)

These pictures were taken before Mt. Diablo was Anointed. We all sat on the ground, and shared a little of why we came to Mt. Diablo. But we all wanted to see what the Lord wanted us to witness. The drop off in the background of the picture above, is where we stood and made noises after Anointing the ground with oil; and saw the Three Rainbows appear in the sky. The drop off faces west. As you can see the sky was beginning to clear up, but earlier the sky was overcast with some dark clouds and we had some rain that morning too. The ground was still a little wet so we sat on blanks. I remember thinking how strange it looked, seeing the darker clouds move south, toward the San Jose area when the Rainbows appeared. A week later one of the Mt. Diablo witnesses said that a friend had also seen the Rainbows, but from Oakland. And commented on how strange they looked.


Photograph of the Mt. Diablo Rainbow on December 2, 1990.



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